Public Waste Depot - Pricing starting from $10.00

D3 can supply a wide range of recycling and eco friendly management sytems to ensure the recycling of waste product and materials. 
D3 own and operate a PUBLIC WASTE DEPOT in Burton.This site allow D3 to collect, sort and recycle waste and recycled materials collected.

  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Metals
  • Cars 
  • Plastics

Recycling is a must in todays environment and D3 can assist. 

The Recycling Process

When it comes to recycling services, we at Distribution 360 have the ability and the facilities for prompt collection of rubbish from your doorstep at a mutually convenient time. This is followed by our ability in recycling rubbish so that it can be turned into useful material for other processes. The wide range of rubbish that can be recycled include old newspapers, plastic milk cartons, cardboard boxes, mattresses, computers, old mobile phones and more.

Join D3 today and help the environment.  

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