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Mattress Recycling

D3 eco-friendly mattress recycling movement has been gaining momentum over the past 5 years

D3 can hanlde 1 mattress to 1000 mattresses.

  • Singles 
  • Doubles 
  • Queens 
  • Kings 

No job is too large or too small

  •              Council Mattress Recycling
  • ‚Äč        Retail Bedding - Furniture Outlets
  •  Hotel - Motels -Resorts Mattress Recycling 
  •           Mining Camp Mattress Recycling
  •                    Aged Care Facilities 
  • We can also offer bulky goods collection or even a mini skip or bin. 
    You can do the house clean out.....


D3 mattress recycling can be offered 6 days a week.

D3 Recycling of a mattress ensure all the resources can be managed.

D3 mattress recycling – reports indicate that the average space that needs to be allocated in a landfill for a single mattress is 0.65m3. This means that for every 10 mattresses, we’re wasting 6.5 cubic metres of landfill space. 

Don't be part of the growing problems - join D3 mattress recycling and do your part for the environment.

Mattress Recycling Australia

Mattress Recycling is Gaining Popularity in Australia


Thus the present day trend is recycling mattresses. This is a concept that is gaining momentum and there are environmental standards and legislations which now hold the manufacturer responsible from production to disposal. It has ushered in a brand of mattress recyclers working on the concept of mattress recycling and those undertaking mattress recycling have found appeal with such manufacturers and even landfill operators.


Recycling mattresses is gaining in popularity and mattress recyclers by the likes of Distribution 360 are in increasing demand due to recent legislation coupled with increasing pressure from society for safe and effective mattress recycling processes and protocols.

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